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  • Fully enjoying the amazing autumn nights we decided to head for a good terrace in the city. Colca not only has a beautiful open outdoor space, but also in my opinion it is the only Peruvian restaurant -with some Spanish twists- that serves authentic and real food with delicate ingredients as you may eat if you go to Peru. Very respectful of the culinary traditions but bringing a sprinkle of modernity to the dishes, I can say the approach is very well achieved.

    The place is harmoniously decorated; it is very spacious with a fancy but also autochthonous vibe. You can enjoy dinning inside or outside and they have a very varied cocktail bar as well to enjoy a good pisco.

    As many places around the city, if you don’t speak chinese the attention is hard to handle until the English speaking manager (also Spanish in this case) appears and makes you enjoy a relaxed dinner. But once again, we are in a non-speaking country so we can’t blame them about that.

    This time I went with my parents who are visiting for the golden week and my partner in crime, four in total. First of all, I really have to highlight that they took care of my mother’s special dietary restriction and quickly adapted to her problem preparing a dish that wasn’t in the menu at all. Being an expat in China, I can say that this is really hard to find. So chapeau for Colca!

    Another point goes to the bread zest they serve right away you seat. This is very common in other countries like Italy or South America but not in China. I was missing the beautiful breadbaskets so much that this took me back to a dinner at my home country.

    The three left had a tuna tiradito to start, which has a good size for being an entrée and it was perfectly achieved. This dish consists of sashimi pieces of raw fish – tuna in this case- with a spicy - acidic sauce and avocado pieces. Then we had two-octopus brasa and one tuna steak adobo. Definitely all the dishes were tasty and balanced. The tuna steak was delicious, served together with a spicy adobo and vegetables in a sofrito style. The octopus was tender and perfectly grilled (there is nothing worse than a rubbery or hard octopus) with a base of a potato causa, black olives, alioli and chimichurri. We missed the ceviche this time which is also very good, if you go for the first time, it is absolutely a must-try.

    Finally, guess what? We made it to the desserts! And not any dessert… it was the best flan I have tried in China so far! Also we had the chocolate mousse that was delicious as well.

    Suitable for any occasions like dates, casual gathering with friends or special parties. It`s not cheap but not expensive either, with a budget between 200-300rmb per person you can enjoy an amazing dinner. Totally worth it.

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