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  • "I want them ALL!" was the first sentence came out of my mouth when standing in front of the counter. The two of us ordered two for each and planned to have a second round, but then realised we could only share a third one, so we decided to add a scoop of ice-cream on their best-selling apple pie.

    Coconut cream pie and potato & satori cheese quiche for the first round. Point-added for the waitress offering to heat the quiche. The potato wasn't entirely mashed but had cubes in it and a crisp crust. It turned out coconut cream wasn't only coconut and cream; there's a layer of chocolate mousse that took away the coconut taste. The quiche won this round.

    The apple pie was surprisingly good with sip of warm orange blossom tea. You still can feel the coldness of the ice-cream, the aroma of the tea, cinnamon and apple mix and fill up the nose. It was served cold, though. A warm apple pie would be lovely in autumn time.

    Time stopped when sitting outside, enjoying a delicious slice in a rainy Saturday afternoon.

    Note: only three tea tables in the shop, more seats available outside, allowing you to have a nice open-air pie moment. Or just grab a slice and take a nice walk.


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