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  • Advice: always come on weekdays.

    Was here on a Sunday afternoon three weeks ago, told to wait for at least one hour. Walked a bit in the neighbourhood. The coconut used as the bowl (yes the bowl) ran out when I got back. Had to wait for another 30 minutes or more. The shop offered us the chance to come back another. So, back on a Friday morning when it's not busy, and our bowls were the most elaborate.

    Acai CocoBowl: careful if you don't like sourness. Would rate this one 4/5 on sourness. There is honey on the bar table if it's too sour.

    Yellow CocoBowl: a little tropical heaven. Well-balanced sweet and sour, with mango chunks, two pieces of pineapple, half a passionfruit and some dry lycium (very Chinese) on the top.

    Friend's comment: acai's for marketing, yellow makes people stay.

    Cannot deny the bowls look great on photos, but it's not worth an hour wait.

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