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  • Flavour: Absolutely amazing! I didn’t know what to expect from this place after trying out other not-so-satisfying South Asian joints around Shanghai but Nepali Kitchen went above and beyond my expectations.

    The menu is filled with amazing goodies that brought back memories of my days in Nepal and I definitely had a hard time deciding what to get. In the end, I settled on getting a large non-vegetarian platter set that included mixed vegetable curry, lentil, marinated chicken ect., along with some nice naan, vegetables, and of course a fresh lassi. Everything was made to the highest quality and the spices were on point. The naan was just the right degree of crisp and the flavours just melt in your mouth once you dip it in some marinated chicken sauce. I could rave about this delicious meal for days but I’ll stop here.  

    Location: Located within walking distance from Jing’an Temple train station, it’s easy and accessible to get to.

    Vibe: Once you walk in, you can for sure tell that a lot of thought and dedication was put into the décor of this place. The store is laid out on multiple floors connected by a tiny circular staircase with a long beautifully designed lantern spanning the length of all floors. All along the walls of the staircase hang pictures of the Nepalese people and landscapes. The place is dimly lit with candles and flowers on every table. On one the floors, you can even eat with your legs crossed.

    Crowd: Mostly international.

    Service: The waiters here are mostly of Nepalese or South Asian descent and they speak great English and Chinese. Service was not too notable, but comfortable nonetheless.

    The $$: 140RMB for a meal platter, I would say the place is definitely on an upper-middle range in terms of pricing. (especially when you remember how much the same platter sold in Nepal, but I guess this is Shanghai after all so no complaining)

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