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  • The best ketchup ever! (I know.) But I had never tasted any ketchup like this, which feels like true tomato, perfectly mashed and flavoured if a bit salty, but still the best. 

    Waited forever for the Scottish fried egg sandwich, at least 15 minutes. Had seen some photos of it online, the bread looked just like normal white toast. To my surprise, it was ciabatta, well-toasted and crispy. The yolk was perfect, but the meat part was nothing special. Would give some credit to the Japanese style sesame sauce.

    Couldn't help to have the lemon pound cake, as they looked so adorable on the counter. Very good on photos and went well with flat white. 

    It was about 11:30a.m. on a rainy Sunday morning when I got there. Two people before me at the counter and the first floor was not so busy at all. They have some groceries in the shop, mainly stationary and canvas bags with their logo on it. Couple of tables were available upstairs but definitely not the ones with the best views.

    By the time I left an hour later, it was full of people on the first floor, taking pictures and ordering.


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