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  • A must-try restaurant at the top of every Shanghainese cuisine list, always packed. Make a reservation or be prepared to wait during peak times.

    Drunken crab was a perfect starter for the crab season, with a palm-sized hairy crab full of gao and soaked in Shaoxing wine. Still, this is not a very first date friendly choice; elegantly eating a crab is still an unsolved puzzle.

    Salted chicken is typical of Zhejiang. Jishi's was fresh and a bit more chewy then expected. They use very young chickens (can tell from the size of the bone) and the size of the dish is good for two (a quarter chicken).

    Always thought Xintairuan (red dates stuffed with glutinous rice) was a cold dish but to my surprise, it's steamed and served warm here. The warmth was definitely appreciated in winter, although the dish itself is too hot for dessert and too sweet to be a main dish.

    Braised pork is always a must-order in Shanghainese restaurants. Best way to eat it is to start from the fat part.

    Was sitting on second floor, which is packed with tables for two and four people. It was almost like being in Hong Kong as every other table was speaking Cantonese. It had a very vivid Hongkongese vibe here that made me wonder: do any locals even come here at all?

    200RMB/person. Well-spent for having crab in crab season plus three other dishes.


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