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  • There're many Japanese restaurants in Shanghai, but this one is definitely on top of my list! Good food, great price and nice venue.

    The restaurant itself is pretty interesting. The wooden door entry is tiny and hidden. It's a bit hard to find and here’s a friendly reminder - bend down to get in. The interior design is pretty unique with menu written in Japanese hanging on the wall, and Japanese posters covering the whole celling. Like the wooden door, the interior is filled with wooden elements and make you feel like you are in a cozy restaurant in Japan.

    The cooks are always concentrated and the grilling are just perfect! I’ve been there a million times and to be honest, everything I try is tasty. I usually go with grilled chicken and grilled fish for meat. It’s tasty with just the right amount of seasoning. I discover my love for the tomatoes wrapped in bacon here and you have to try if you never tasted it before! And for side and more “healthy” choice I love their potato salad and regular salad. They also have some main like ramen and fried noodle, but I always go with grilled onigiri. The soy sauce makes it crispy on the outside and it’s just too good to resist. Beer and drinks are available, as well as plum wine and classic Japanese shochu.

    The down side is it’s pretty crowded and people are pretty loud (sometimes drunk) at later hours, which I guess is pretty Japanese Yakitori style too?

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