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  • A Japanese style eatery still can’t escape from Chinese New Year. Two weeks before CNY and they already stopped serving things other than Dons and cold dishes.

    Fortunately they still have tuna and natto. Wagyu beef & salmon don as main course, switched the cooked salmon to sashimi.

    A rice bowl is like a mystery. You never know what’s waiting for you under the salmon sashimi. First is the grilled plaice fin (or the meat near fin). It was very soft, fully-cooked white fish hiding under the pickled daikon. Then sweet black beans. Plus Furikake sprinkled on the rice. The beef wasn't great; too much sauce overwhelmed the beef flavor. 

    Natto was very standard, but standard's good.

    I was the only customer on Monday at noon. Sitting at the counter by myself, watching the cook preparing the food, and then calling out for a runner in Japanese. He was trying very hard to create some atmosphere, although having a clean table might be a more practical task. In the end, the tables were sticky. Overall, the food was so-so, and the place could be cleaner. They try but I don't think they completely succeed.

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