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  • So keen to find a place can eat and work on a Saturday afternoon near where I live, in Minhang. It's not the best area to find someplace. Ala Town seems to be a newly built commercial area with not so good promotion. I was the only guest in Bourbon's. The restaurant is spacious and decorated in American style: wooden table and chair with metal details, and a huge counter. 

    The waiter radiated happiness. 

    Bourbon has various brunch choices, from omelette to breakfast steak. Almost went for the fried chicken waffle, but the crispy bacon and cheddar one caught my eye. The Cheddar melted on the waffle, salty-sweet and soft. A slice of grilled tomato hid under the egg, and the bacon was dry and crispy, very enjoyable with egg yolk and salty waffle. Two slices of white bread plus the waffle put me into a carb coma.

    A casual place for a random brunch. Will come again.


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