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  • Overall, Lil Laundry isn’t much different from its older sister, Liquid Laundry. The service is consistently hit or miss, but I usually hit more often at Lil over Liquid. I think this is because when in closer proximity to the staff, it’s easier to flag them down. The menu looks surprisingly similar. It’s got a different font and its own style to make it look edgy (or something), but the classics stay the same. They still serve up the best value to quality ratio of mac and cheese in Shanghai, and the steak salad was cooked just the way I like it.

    The location is conveniently located inside Shanghai Center, but it’s oddly quiet at random hours, and I just can’t figure out if there’s any rhyme or reason. Lunch seems to have a consistent smathering of people who work in the area, but dinner is really hit or miss. And something about the empty atmosphere at brunch doesn’t make it as cozy and lively as its counterpart.

    Overall, Lil Laundry gets points for having better service, but the food is very close to / almost exactly the same as Liquid Laundry. Grabbing lunch from the office or dinner right after work? Lil for sure if you work in Jing’an. Literally any other occasion? Probably best to stay on a Liquid diet.  

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