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  • I was always curious about La Strada Pizzeria since the place is full every time I pass by Anfu Road. So, I finally decided to give it a try on a Saturday lunch. The place is not big, nor small, cozy and with a nice window that gives a view of a quiet but interesting street while chilling inside. Perfect for this cold days!

    The menu is diverse, you have different options to choose. To start, I ordered a bean mash with pita bread: the bread was yummy, the mash lacked a little of everything. We continued our journey with a truffle gnocci and a quattro stagioni pizza to share. We thought it was going to be a lot of food but no, we were okay, the pizza has the perfect size and the pasta as well.  The gnocci were so-so, nothing to remember, and the pizza was pretty good. It is not the best pizza I had but the balance between the ingredients and the cheese was the right one, which is very important.

    They have the traditional pizza oven which I love and it’s essential if you want to be properly called a “pizzeria”. One point for that!

    Comfort food, cozy place and tranquil vibe. Okay for a lunch but wouldn't have dinner there.

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