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  • Another place trying to build a Wanghong image of themself but not quite there.

    Have to admit the photos on the menu are very pretty, couldn’t help myself entering the restaurant. 

    Chestnut, pumpkin, mocha, strawberry and lemon! Pumpkin it is.

    Very surprised to see Hojicha on the menu. Comes with thick foam and a comforting smell. Recommended to anyone who hasn't had a hojicha latte. 

    The pancakes came right after I finished the latte. The pancake was a bit undercooked, and not as thick as the menu shows. If you're not a full-on sugar addict, skip this. It's extremely sweet. Sugar hell. 

    They also offer other things, like wontons, Chinese/western style noodle, ochazuke, and salad, a true fusion restaurant. Price was reasonable, 106RMB for the above two, and I sat there the entire afternoon. The light inside was perfect. 

    One downside is that the restroom is in the mall, shared with other restaurants like Diner. 


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