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  • Shanghai has a plethora of steakhouses, many of which will leave a serious dent in your wallet and at times I have found to be disappointing, but am pleased to say not when dining at either of the El Bodegon casual Argentinian steakhouses.

    I have dined at the original El Bodegon on Changsu Lu a number of times over the years, great selection of beef cuts, always affordable, and grilled over coals to your preference, not as easy as one might think to get this spot on each time.

    I went along to the new El Bodegon steakhouse on Panyu Lu, that has been open about six weeks now and took advantage of their weekly promotional specials, went for the Rump steak, which to me is by far the tastier of cuts, failing this cut, would have gone for a Sirloin steak.

    Ordered the Rump steak rare, and asked for a simple side salad, which they don’t have on the menu ( hint hint if you are reading this) accompanied by a glass of the Malbec at 60RMB for a 150ml, not a bad drop of wine I must say.  

    I was asked how the steak was, and if it was cooked to my liking, and all a firm yes, I in turn asked for additional salad and chimichurri, along with another glass of wine.

    The service staff were extremely efficient in taking the order and topping up the water, no hard sell of fancy sparkling waters either which is a relief.

    All in all, for a table of one, damages came to 267RMB and could highly recommend El Bodegon steakhouse on Panyu Lu for their steaks.

    The only downside was the young bartender picking his trumpet (aka nose) in full view of the restaurant, not once but twice, carrying on his business, oblivious to being seen by customers.










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