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    The Beef: Grounded ofc! But the patties were on the dry side. Is it because the meat is leaner and healthier? I have no idea. Purely from a gastronomical view, the meat patty itself was not fitting for what I would call a “juicy burger”. That being said, the toppings, accoutrements, and nicely toasted buns were fresh and high quality. The sauces bar was a major plus…ketchup, mayo, mustard, sriracha sauce - a nice antidote for the drier patties. I cannot explain why, but the burger did not come together as the sum of its parts but rather felt like just the different components stacked up and secured with a toothpick.

    Don’t get me wrong, the burger was tasty and in no way bad. Perhaps I had higher expectations given the recent hype in burger joints. In fact, the sides here definitely outshined the burgers. Guac and cheese fries were inventive and finger-licking fantastic, as was the chili. Another must-try, just because, is the fireball hot chocolate, an unexpectedly fun combo. Unfortunately, we missed out on the milkshakes this time and will be coming back for a few of their thick straw-sticking shakes (try saying that fast a few times).

    The Motive: Casual get together for a quick bite when you’re in the mood for burgers and shakes, if there happens to be a nearby location. The Charlie’s empire has expanded to 6 stores throughout the city, which is impressive. There’s no denying it’s a fun concept…who can resist those hot pink neon lights (oh and this one has a house cat!)?

    The Damage: 300RMB for two including beverages

    The Down n’ Dirty: Have to go outside and into the main building, not ideal and a bit of a hassle.

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