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  • Let me begin this review by stating my awareness for the fact that my photos literally do this place zero justice (except the one of the burger for RMB 98, which probably does the burger too much justice). But I also feel like every publication in Shanghai has reviewed Rye & Co with some seriously gorgeous photos, so I’m just here to balance things out. Honestly, it wasn’t bad food-wise, but it wasn’t so special that it was worth eating in a mall. The red cocktail bar upstairs is for drinks only, so we ate in the restaurant on the first level… where we were very aware that we were in a mall. But the service was friendly and the prices not extortionate, so it was an alright experience. We did see some people eating upstairs, so maybe there’s a menu for nibbles, but I’m not sure. The bar does feel very separated from the mall, and I think the outside will be very nice in the summer.

    The biggest bonus is that brunch runs all day. My friends and I couldn’t pull it together to get over there in the morning, so we went in the evening and weren’t restricted by Shanghai’s usual 3pm brunch cut-off. When we were there, they were out of Fish and Chips (RMB 88) and Swedish Meatballs (RMB 108), but I’ll give them time to work out the kinks. I had the Nordic Breakfast (RMB 42), which was basically just eggs benedict with smoked salmon, and felt pretty good about the portion size.

    Average price per person (no alcohol): RMB 92

    Overall, Rye and Co is nice enough for those who live in the Xintiandi area, but it is very much so still in a mall.

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