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  • The famous French pastry shop had opened in Shanghai, and clearly everyone is excited. Went there on a freezing Sunday, and it seemed like all the foodies in Shanghai gathered in one spot. The line was too long so I decided to take out. When it’s my turn to pick out the flavors, pretty much everything ran out (of course), and there’re only three choices left. I took all three flavors and here’s how I feel.

    The éclair, like they said, are all beautiful and look amazing. I understand the camera-eat first- rule under this circumstance. Priced at 48 RMB, the éclair comprised of perfect sized dough filled with cream, covered with shiny icing, and delicate decoration on top according to each flavor. Almost too cute to eat. While it is sugar, spice, and ever thing nice, I found that they are overall prettier than they taste.

    I had vanilla topped with chocolate, Jasmin (Shanghai edition), and passion fruit. I liked that the passion fruit flavor had a well-balanced sweetness and sourness, and the raspberry on top added a bit of freshness. I also liked the high quality chocolate on top of the vanilla/chocolate flavor éclair, and the creaminess of the custard inside. Not a big fan of the Shanghai edition flavor, it tasted sweet and salty, which I found weird. I found they all had a strong fragrant that I don’t like, and the éclair was tiny which made me wonder if I’m just paying for the Instagram photo.  So yes, it’s a work of art with luxury branding, but I probably won’t re-visit.

    Still, if you’re a fan of dessert and want to keep up with the trend, they have lots of options other than éclair. Some looks very over the top but people seem to enjoy it.


    * 144 RMB for 3 éclair.
    * L’Éclair de Génie by Christophe Adam’s just opened and is the wanghong place to be. They offer beautiful desserts and luxurious ambience to dine in. Éclair is nice but pricy to compare with. Great place to have cute pictures and afternoon tea with group of girlfriends.

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