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  • The newest spot for pancake lovers arrived to the city in the recently opened –and still not fully developed- Xintiandi Plaza mall. In the second basement you will find people queuing for this beautiful instagrammable piece of dough with different toppings under the name of Fomo Pancake.

    The menu goes from sweet to salty choices and the kitchen is open so you can check the whole making process of your pancake while you wait. There is a bar and one tall table to sit, so you better hurry and devour your pancake to continue shopping.

    Did I say pancakes? Well, not really. The dough is different from what we use to call the western version of pancakes. It has a more pudding and airy style, a lot of cream on top, few fruits and syrup. I found it too sweet and the portion is pretty generous so I couldn't finish it. I had the classic one for 48RMB.

    The price is very fair for the size of the portion. The place is a “meh”, definitely not for staying a while. I should say it is a “to go pancake” and, in my opinion, the consistency of the dough is not like a pancake one -it is a different concept. If you are looking for a traditional pancake spot this is not the one, but if you are keen on trying a different version, then Fomo is the place.

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