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    The Beef: Steaks!

    This is actually a review of two separate visits. The first was on Valentine’s Day; we ordered a set menu (available anytime) on top of a few other dishes. The food was less than mediocre, as was the watered-down sangria. We even had to send back the paella, which was pretty unsavory, and just plain sour. All of which was extremely disappointing because I am a huge fan of the first outpost and wanted this one to be great as well (conveniently located in my neighborhood, which is sorely lacking a go-to steakhouse/bar). The only saving grace was the service – the staff was extremely gracious and accommodating. Oh, and the desserts were fantastic too.

    But I didn’t want to write this review without trying the steaks, which is what they are known for in the first place; and the ceviche, because it’s also an outstanding dish at the original (we ordered the ceviche the first time around but it never arrived, and by the near end of the meal we didn’t want it anymore). Long story short, we returned for a second visit for the Sunday steak deal, and it was a whole other ballgame…and a homerun (going with the sports theme here)! We tried the ribeye and the tenderloin which were both cooked to the desired degree of doneness, i.e. medium rare was a slightly pink bloody medium rare, and not medium. Go for the calamari ceviche, which was well prepared, generous chunky cubes of raw fish and calamari marinated in citrus –sour and a hint of spicy. We stuck with beers this time, and the pisco sour - a classic but like all good things, does take a bit of a longer wait.

    The Gang: Sprinkled mix of Chinese and laowai couples, groups, and families.

    The Damage: Set menu for 2 @ 218rmb (includes apps, choice of mains, dessert, drinks); Mon-Wed & Sunday night steak deals. Total: 1400rmb for 6 ppl.

    The Down n’ Dirty: One flight up, very clean. And ratio of two girly stalls to one men’s. Smart move!

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