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  • Having been tasked to go meat-free for a week by my regular dining partner, I was coerced into dining at Wujie just off of Hengshan Lu, whilst I have been known to undergo a detox from time to time, the food presented by way of an iPad lived up to both the images and all that I had heard about Wujie in offering innovative vegetarian dishes.

    This alcohol and meat-free evening started off with some warm non-descript tea.

    The following dishes were ordered:

    Golden Oyster Mushrooms & King Oyster Mushrooms with Peanut and Chilli Sauce. (the flavours were delicate and not overpowering.

    Panko Buttered Tofu with Wasabi Aioli. (the Wasabi could have had a little more kick to it)

    Gongbao Style Chinese Mountain Yam and Maitake Mushroom balls with Asparagus and Macadamia nuts.

    Lotus Root Roll stuffed with wild vegetables, house-made Tofu and Enoki mushrooms.

    Seasonal Fresh mushroom platter, which was akin to deep-fried spring rolls.

    All of the dishes came out fast and furious, and in no particular order, the dishes despite being mostly variations on a theme of mushrooms were unique in flavour and well presented, and actually the same as the images on the iPad, which makes a change at venues. In every dish, the cooking was confident and gutsy.

    To round off a green tea tiramisu, which was a little unusual, and stuck to the roof of my mouth.

    Damages for two came to 418RMB

    We were fortunate to have booked a table as the place was packed, with couples dining at the venue, and appeared to enjoy the fare on offer, would certainly return with friends, and most certainly recommend, but be wary if you don’t like Tofu or variations of Fungi.

    Generally, I eat fairly late in the evening, however, was briefed that vegetarian restaurants tend to open early, and curfew falls around 20h30, we had some difficulty in ordering the dessert at 20h40, and had  to call a supervisor, despite this, the service staff were friendly, not overbearing and efficient, but were keen to be rid of you and switching the lights off, even the main door lights were off at 20h45.

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