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  • Bulldog Bar-B-Q on Julu road is a Texan bbq spot in the city that deservesmuch more atention that it has. Easy numbers: 2 tables, 8 seats and a tinykitchen that makes magic.

    Paleofriendly, a display of three kinds of meats: pork ribs, pulled pork, brisket and grilled chicken. For garnish you can choose: French fries, coleslaw (really good), Mac and cheese, and veggies.
    We tried all of them and let me tell you that the brisket, smoked in applewood, is supernatural and super tender with a smoky hint that makes it unique. The ribs are good as well and the chicken super crispy, flavorful andtasty.

    You can choose each dish in small, medium or large size. I suggest to go for small portions and give a try to every meat, it’s worth it. Go and I guarantee you will come back.

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