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  • Statement: The Bull and Claw is one of the classics and "safest" options for brunch in the city, it never goes wrong.

    Evidence: What I truly like about The Bull and Claw 2.0 is the location: it is in the heart of the french concession, a restored colonial house with an amazing patio. It’s a classic brunch spot among the expat community because you never get disappointed. You can choose 1, 2 or 3 courses (98rmb, 168rmb,188rmb) or go for the daily fare section of the house specialities.

    We had the Turkish Menemen (eggs, peppers, onions, tomatoes, yogurt in a pan) and smashed avocado on bread with poached eggs. Both dishes were tasty, well achieved and well presented. That’s why you never go wrong at The Bull and Claw: the food is simple but tasty, no more, no less, just accurate. Don’t miss the drinks and the free flow during the weekends, they offer a good deal.

    Verdict: Guilty of being one of the best brunch choices in town. Suitable for family, friends or for a date. Reasonable prices, quality food, interesting menu and good service.

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