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  • Hopping on the cheese train, Banco wasn’t the best in town, but it might be the best for the Asian palette that often foregoes the stinkiest of stinky cheeses. With so many Italian eateries around Shanghai, I feel like you really need to bring it to the table. I almost managed to forget that I was in a mall, which is always a plus point for restaurants in a mall, but the food tasted only okay. The cheeses were bland, the bread was too chewy, and the desserts were just okay. The burrata had little pizzaz or flavor. I’m still rooting for this place, though.

    The food tasted how I imagine a restaurant would taste if I went back to the United States and opened a Chinese bistro. The restaurant would have the best of delicious intentions, but it would probably end up falling short. The location itself is very convenient and comfortable, and the staff were incredibly friendly. It’s another, “I was already in the area” restaurant.

    If you’re a cheese lover looking for something a bit blander as you indoctrinate your Chinese friends into the world of in-house mozzarella? Banco. Go there.

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