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  • Highline is still my favorite fair-weather brunch spot. It’s good for family members or friends from out of town or a regular Sunday get-together. It’s casual but usually without too many children running around unattended. I need to get this out of the way so that I can forget about it forever: arctic shrimp and deviled egg dip: something I’d never like to eat ever again. It was like they blended some egg yolk with a jar of Hellman’s mayonnaise and then decided to put some frozen fruits of the sea on top. Ugh.

    It’s okay, I’m over it. And fries and mussels made us all forget what happened. And then the burrata came out and make sure we would never speak of it again. Not even a jar of eggy mayo can keep me away from this rooftop brunch. The benedicts will never let us down. Drinks range from a very fair RMB 48-88 unless you’re the kind of person who orders a drink called, “Better sex on the beach.” Then you pay 128 because that’s what you deserve.

    Overall, make sure you reserve a spot outside if it’s a nice day, but I’ve also been when it’s chilly outside and still enjoyed myself immensely!

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