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  • Luccio’s has been on my regular roation for a while now. It’s a tiny little spot in Xintiandi that’s not on the main drag of tourists. The place is small and fills up fast. On the weeknight I was there for this review, however, it was really relaxed and quiet inside, which was an enjoyable way to spend an evening as well. Paul, the owner, is always trying out new dishes and when the restaurant is quiet, you might get the lucky chance to try the first round of new desserts. The portions are also no joke, so when your eyes are always bigger than your stomach, it’s probably going to hurt—in a good way.

    I love that the gnocchi has a homemade taste—I’m not sure if it’s made in house, but it does taste amazing. I’m also a big fan of saying, “I don’t know, surprise me” at restaurants and knowing 100% that I’m going to get something great. Paul always has a wine pairing suggestion as well. Everything was perfect, but the carpaccio might have been frozen at some point. I also get that I’m the kind of person who writes restaurant reviews, but I also didn’t have a huge problem with the dish. I’ve had enough reliable good meals here, though, that I’d be down to order it again to see what happens… or maybe just stick to the burrata.

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