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  • After ordering Currify on Eleme approximiately once a week for the last 3 months, I finally managed to find the physical restauarant by total accident. It's not easy to find, hidden in a side courtyard on the Wuding Rd. food and drink street. Just look for the sign on the street just beyond the Goose Island bar and walk on in.

    The funny thing about how much I love Currify these days is how unimpressed I was by Currify x Taoker, which I first reviewed half a year ago. In fact, it was my wholly average experience at Currify x Taoker that kept me from trying Currify for so long. Fortunately I mended my ways, and oh how thankful I am that I did. 

    I think what makes Currify so good is that they only have a few curry dishes on the menu, so they can focus on doing them all well. The curries are all bursting with flavor, generous with their portion sizes, and give me very little to complain about. On our most recent visit when I snapped the photos that accompany this review, we tried the set meal for 2 on Dazhong Dianping, which came with the butter chicken, coconut fish curry, fried onion, roasted wings, and choice of two mocktails. Of all the items mentioned, everything was delicious except the fried onion chunks, which were very heavy, greasy, and tasted mostly of fried dough. The fried onion is the only miss I've ever had ordering food at Currify - esentially everything else is excellent. My most-ordered are probably the palak paneer, which is rich, smooth, creamy and filled with generous portions of paneer, as well as the lamb marsala. 

    Even with the unpleasant fried onion in the set meal on our last visit, it was still good value. Still, I don't think I'd order the set meal again. If dining in, you're better off mixing and matching a few curries, a few naans and a side dish, with the total cost probably ending up just about the same (about 180 CNY).

    I'm also not sure if it's worth it to dine in, versus ordering online. If you're within Eleme distance, you can usually get a curry with a naan for about 35-40 CNY after the various Eleme discounts are applied. 

    In a city where Indian restaurants regularly get away with charging 60-80 RMB for curries and 25 CNY for plain naan, Currify is an absolute value-for-money champion, and it tastes great too. 5/5. 

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