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  • I have been a frequent diner at Ginger over the years, the restaurant is not too far to walk for a late lunch to escape both the monotony of work, and of course the searing heat for a while, and to catch up on the current book I am reading without interruptions.

    Arriving after the main rush at around 13h45, I was shown to a corner seat and offered a glass of water, no hard sell here which is a pleasant change.

    I had seen a recent posting of a dish that I had not eaten in a while, gazpacho, Ginger excelled with a blend of Summer Tomatoes, Watermelon, and Green Curry Sorbet in this Gazpacho, what a combination and what a treat this was, so refreshing on a sticky summer’s day.

    I followed on by ordering the Vegetarian Hanoi Rolls, which came with an abundance of leafy greens, butter lettuce, the deep-fried Hanoi rolls, were not laden with oil nor left a bitter taste of old cooking oil on the palate.

    I finished off with the Freshly Baked Perfect Lemon Tart, I was told that I had to wait 15 minutes for this to be baked, the lemon curd was amazing, as was the smooth pastry crust, now I consider myself to be a dab hand at baking pies, crumbles and tarts, including the making of lemon curd, particularly since Marks & Sparks left town,  I  have also had many a tart in Shanghai at various restaurants, but must say this was the best lemon tart ever.

    The service this Monday lunchtime was efficient and friendly as ever, I finished off with a glass of freshly made Ginger Ale, all for a total of 255RMB, going slightly over my budget for a lunch.

    Do go and visit this amazing restaurant, you won’t be disappointed.



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