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  • Husk is always busy. I’ve now been for dinner there and, although I enjoyed the meal, I still can’t fully fathom why it’s so popular.

    The positives: it’s fairly well-located on a small street just off West Nanjing. The interiors are stylish. There’s a ground-floor decked terrace, which is always lively during the summer. The food is fresh, it all tastes good, and there are some brunch/lunch sets on offer.

    This place still left me a little cold, though. I have some questions.

    Firstly: why is such pedestrian food so expensive? We paid 592rmb for a small Caesar salad (although it wasn’t advertised as such), a stingy seafood plate, half a (dry) roast chicken and some wine. There were no issues with the flavours but there was nothing particularly exciting going on here, and the portions weren't exactly generous.

    Secondly: why are there no vegetarian or vegan options on the menu? If you’re looking for a veggie main course, your options are the bread basket, a couple of sides, and perhaps a soup. I understand the concept of supply and demand, but here I am, demanding. Please supply, Husk.

    Husk is a classy but distinctively safe restaurant. It’s in a handy location if you’re shopping or working around West Nanjing. Expect well-presented but predictable food, and bring your own sandwich fillings if you’re vegetarian.

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