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  • Truly good food returns to the mind days, weeks, or even years after eating it. Like, you're playing Switch at midnight and all the sudden you think, "I need a Beef & Liberty burger. Right now." The galettes at RAC are like that. I told people about them. I sent my mom a picture. I tried to go back the next evening and met despair – they had closed at 7pm. The next day I got the same round table in the corner looking out the giant window at the lanehouses next door. The galettes tasted even better this time.

    The original RAC's reputation for painful wait times kept me from ever going there. Thankfully, their second shop a block north of IAPM on Shaanxi Nan Lu has no queue in the afternoon. The place feels like dining in your interior-designer friend's house, with tons of natural light, nice silverware, and friendly staff who let folks order right up until the edge of 7pm. Everything on the short menu – from the drinking vinegar to the veggie galettes to the avocado salad with green tomatoes – feels carefully considered and perfected. You might find yourself dreaming about them weeks later.

    RAC is proof that you don't need neon signs or Pantone colors to be a wanghong. Hell, they don't even have wi-fi here.

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