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    The Beef: From the guys who brought us Nest, Rye & Co adds a Nordic twist to the Shanghai food scene. Given the fuss made about this place, my lunch date and I thought we would be in trouble when we forgot to make a reservation but in fact when we arrived at a bit past noon, the place was only partially filled and peacefully quiet. Maybe not the best value for the regular lunch rush crowd, even with the lunch specials on the menu.

    The most notably Nordic dish was the smorrebrod, an open-faced rye bread topped with cream, cheese, smoked salmon, and micro-greenery. A rather small portion but delicately constructed. The scallop risotto (specials vary daily) was richer and heartier, a satisfying dish – highly recommend! Generally, the food is simple but well-executed. 

    Service was just ok although I expected more – the server could not tell me what the soup of the day was, and he also did not know the pasta/risotto special.   

    The Gang: A smattering of the work lunch crowd and leisurely ladies who lunch (on their day off)

    The Damage: Lunch deals starting from 68-128rmb. Soup+Smorrebrod+Drink=98rmb. Burger or Fish&Chip+Drink=98rmb. Soup+Pasta or Risotto+Drink=128rmb.

    The Down n’ Dirty: In the mall, but no complaints in a high-end mall like this one.

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