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  • I stumbled upon this cozy garden restaurant when strolling across Jianguo West Road and decided to give it a try. The space is not large, but there were enough seats around on an early weekday afternoon. There is also outside seating for when the weather is nice.

    We took a seat on the counter facing a great street-side view and began to order. There’s not a load of menu options available, but they do seem to have their specialty dishes. We ordered their speciality early bird salad, but it turned out to be a let-down. The display, I’ll give it credit, was enticing- a garden salad decorated with flower petals and an edible butterfly display on top, but the taste was not so great. The bacon sauce didn’t really go well with the salad, the leaves weren’t that fresh and were a bit soggy, and there wasn’t enough fruits in the salad. Oh and that edible butterfly display the waiter told us about? It tasted like plastic. This made me a bit weary to order their specialty desert set called “spilt pot of flowers,” so we opted for their ice cream which turned out to be an amazing choice- which I’ll go into later.

    One of their new menu specialty items was the Boston Lobster spaghetti. We saw the table besides us munching on it and couldn’t resist ordering it. The dish was incredibly tasty due to the sauce they used to top the lobster and blend the spaghetti. I made a heck of a mess when munching on the lobster but such is life when you are eating delicious seafood. The dish also made for amazing pictures. 

    Lastly, what will make me remember this restaurant and long to come back for more is its ice cream. They had a variety of unique flavors such as dragon fruit, salted egg yolk, and black sesame. I took a leap of faith and ordered the salted egg yolk flavor and my friend ordered the black sesame. We were not disappointed. Each ice cream scope has such a rich flavor to it, somehow mastering the combination of unusual tastes injected into a dessert item most people just associate with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. 10/10 would come back and try more flavors.

    Overall meal was 400 rmb. 


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