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  • Located on the 6th floor of the Crystal Galleria, this place doesn’t lack traffic during lunch time. Recommended by a Cantonese friend, our group of 3 came to this restaurant looking for a hearty meal, something along the lines of soul food. We were seated around a small round table, but they also had square tables as well as outside patio seating. They are known for their braised duck but we weren’t in the mood for much oily food so we ordered the white carp fish, pan-fried dark tofu, stewed chicken soup with Chinese herbs, some veggies, and deserts which consisted of kuei hua wine with small tang yuan and papaya stewed peach desert.

    The white carped fish were steamed to a work of perfection. I don’t think I’ve ever had fish with such gummy texture on the outsides, with the insides being soft as cotton candy. The pan fried dark tofu is one of their most popular dishes, second only to their braised duck. It is made with black bean sauce and is hardened on the outside and soft on the inside. The stewed chicken soup was perfect soul food and left my stomach feeling warm and content, not to mention that there’s Chinese herbs in there meant to replenish your body’s numerous nutritional needs. The kuei hua wine with small tang yuan had the same effect and was made with the right amount of sticky texture and sweet taste. The papaya stewed peach on the other hand, was way too sweet for my tastes, and felt like I was just downing jam.

    Overall price was 440 rmb, and you get an 8% off your tab if you pay via Dianping.

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