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  • I was worrying about AI and and the future so i wanted to eat some spicy wings and watch that sports channel with tree-chopping competitions and monster trucks and make my mind go blank so i went to hooters on huaihai lu not huaihai zhong lu they closed that one a while back now they went in where the carls jr was where people sing on the corner at night sometimes real loud over by mac doctor and anyway i like hooters because 1 if people tell you the food is bad they are a liar and 2 also the waitresses they will talk to you in that way americans ask you how you're doing but don't really mean it they just want a tip but it's still nice like the waitress asked about my anime shirt and said she saw the show on billi billi and i got the 911 wings which r the second spiciest and number one most delicious i will fully recommend this boneless wing

    this hooters is maybe half the price as before but they don't have buffalo sauce now they have chuanr and some wraps with rice and chicken of your choice which is odd and i definitely did not try but fair enough maybe they got new owners or changed their strategy but your waitress still write their name down on yr napkin and the owls are still there obviously you can't replace that owl that's like if disney replaced mickey mouse and there is also a late happy hour on draft beer and anyway everything is very excellent and i will fully recommend this hooters

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