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  • As we say goodbye to the summer I’m trying to make the last dash around a few more lunch spots serving bold, fresh flavours before its too cold and a salad is no longer going to satisfy me. Nam Nam, (guess the cuisine) these guys have gone for a tropical style design, clad with a bold coat of turquoise and rattan style lampshades. At the very least the atmosphere will make me feel like I’m in a warmer climate. Or so I thought, the inside is a little dingy, which can only be attributed to its unfortunate location at the back end of the SFC mall. The menu has a selection of dishes showcasing classic Vietnamese flavours. Think, chilli, lime, basil, coriander, fruity salads, pho and all the fried goodies. Overall the flavours were there but the dishes lacked punch.

    Dishes of mention:

    Papaya salad – very stingy on the prawns, dressing was lacking

    Black rice avocado bowl – over seasoned

    Prawn crackers – despite being morsels of everything bad for you these were rather delicious.

    Overall not a terrible experience, maybe an easy place to grab a bite before you catch a movie but nothing to write home about. Having only sampled a small selection of the menu I don’t think I can fairly comment on the quality of the entire menu and I know a good pho or crispy spring roll can be a game-changer. The menu at Nam Nam offers a typical spread of Vietnamese dishes however some could do with a few tweaks to give them a much needed lift.


    Price for 2: 200 RMB

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