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  • Bar No. 3 is perhaps one of the most underrated cocktail bars in the city. While perennial favorites and award winners Union Trading Company, Speak Low and Sober Company get all the love, Bar No. 3 has been slinging great drinks for a few years now in a way that’s all its own.

    While the drinks here don’t quite reach the giddy heights of the best ones on the menu at those aforementioned acclaimed water holes, they’re served in an atmosphere that’s far cozier. The dim lights and comfortable seating – as well as the generally great design of the space – make Bar No. 3 uniquely inviting and intimate. Great date spot. Great for a small group of friends to talk over a couple of great drinks. It’s not cheap at between RMB 80 and RMB 110 per drink, but you don’t feel like you’re getting stiffed.

    A couple of special mentions. The menu here offers a unique amount of opportunity for exploration and experimentation. The core menu changes seasonally, but the favorites remain permanently in a longer menu of classics. It’s a great way to keep things fresh without needlessly jettisoning great creations. Also, the complimentary bar snacks. So much better than a bowl of peanuts. Try them for yourself.

    In all, Bar No. 3 is somewhere that anyone who likes to explore this city’s cocktail scene definitely has to check out. 



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