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  • Bites & Brews is one of those neighbourhood places where you can pop in for a quick healthy lunch on the weekdays or hang around on Friday night to catch up with friends over a good beer. The décor inside has a bit of a Bohemian vibe to it, with wooden table and desks, lanterns hanging down from the lights and corners where you can snuggle up against with some pillows and quilts. They also have a large panelled window on the upper floor that’s great for street-side watching. A large portion of their customer base are expats, although it’s also popular with the Chinese, so all the waiters have a pretty good command of English.

    I came in for food for the first time and found that their menu options were quite affordable with most items ranging from 40 to 50 rmb. I ordered a chicken quesadilla, a chocolate banana smoothie, and a salad bowl to share with a friend. The chicken quesadilla was great, and more than filling for a lunchtime meal, but the salad bowl was quite tasteless. With such limited dressing and the broccoli being so raw, the salad was a bit hard to swallow, but then again, maybe I just don’t have an appetite for ultra-healthy food. I did enjoy the food displays though, as all the bowls and platter were also made of wood, it made you feel like you were eating straight from nature. The chocolate banana smoothie also had a rather cute display and was rich in flavour and not too sweet.

    Overall I enjoyed my meal, though the atmosphere definitely gave it huge points. I also liked that the place was pet friendly, as that always adds to the lightness of the vibe. I’m glad to discover that this place has more to offer than just being a pub hang-out, which I guess is exactly what its name, "Bites&Brews" suggests it is. 

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