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  • I found myself in the Found 158 area at lunch and with only 30 minutes to kill, I naturally gravitated towards the most reasonable choice there, which also happens to be the few open options at that time, Home Slice Pizza. I’ve passed the place on weekend nights and it was always filled to the brims, so I’m glad I got a chance to experience the place without the crowd. Aside from a group of people seated on the long-ended table, I was the only other customer in the store.

    Home Slice Pizza feels exactly like an American pizza joint with its big order screen, tiled walls, and displays of large pizzas on the counter. It had a real homey vibe to it. The spicy sausage pizza (a slice for 30rmb) called out my name so I ordered that along with a side of orange juice as a part of their lunch deal. A bite into the pizza and I can already say that this is probably the best tasting pizza I’ve ever had in China. The dough was not too thick or too thin, baked to the right amount of crisp topped with great quality cheese and sausage, and sprinkled with self-served oregano and chili flakes, the pizza was supreme and well worth my 30rmb.

    Unfortunately, I had to eat the slice in a hurry and didn’t have time to really savour the meal or grab more. The juice was also pretty good and left me feeling refreshed. I will definitely be coming back though to get another taste of home.

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