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  • BOR Eatery is a popular spot serving unique twists on some modern Western tropes, driven by a Danish chef that has built up a bit of a following in Shanghai. It is, or at least was until recently, pretty trendy and you can tell as soon as you walk in. People like this place. I found it bustling and atmospheric, great for a small group of friends to start an evening. Others will find it crowded and loud. But with its sparse Scandinavian design built around an open kitchen, it’s definitely somewhere that strikes you as soon as you walk in.

    Some of their most well-known dishes live up to the hype. The mini hot dogs are a delicious two bite appetizer that comes through with crisp, fresh flavors from the carefully assembled toppings. The burrata wrapped up in prosciutto and bitter radicchio leaves is weird and kind of wonderful. The fresh bread and hot butter is truly excellent, and if nothing else shows a proper attention to detail.

    Go with a group of four or five people and share as many of these shareable plates as you can – they’re the best part. The mains in general are a bit underwhelming after such a stellar introduction. Pork ribs are a little too tough and cling to the bone where you’d rather they fell off gracefully. The hot cured salmon, which some have raved about, was just OK, a little lacking in flavor and a bit one note all by itself.

    Still, a couple of disappointments aside you’re likely to have a great meal at BOR, especially if you order correctly. Though there are more of them popping up these one-off, labor-of-a-chef’s-love restaurants offering genuinely unique menus are still not that common here. This is one that is worth savoring.


    Price: RMB 300 – RMB 700 per person

    Summary: Popular, just about worth-the-hype restaurant, featuring a chef-driven menu unique twists on classic Western styles. Atmospheric and bustling, with slick interiors, built around an open kitchen. Great for small groups looking to splash out a little bit

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