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  • This pet friendly café has a very unique design. The indoor decorations have an industrial touch but the outdoor area looks very modern and simple. Strings of light bulbs and lots of bamboos in this newly renovated house made me feel like I wasn’t in Shanghai. This place is usually very full, so be sure to reserve a table ahead of time.

    There are free flow drinks for only RMB 198. You can choose from prosecco, rose, lager, ale, house red wine, bloody mary and gin and tonic. You can drink all you want from 11am to 3pm. We waited for quite a while for the food, but none of us can complain with a glass of bubbles in our hands. The only bad thing is that the bathroom is upstairs, so be careful if you are tipsy. Just don’t fall off the staircase and remember, “it’s five o’clock somewhere”.

    Surprisingly, there are quite a number of vegetarian brunch options such as smeared shitake with feta cheese. I don’t usually like mushroom but this dish was seasoned perfectly with the tomato sauce. I almost felt like I was eating a fish fillet. Another friend of mine ordered avocado toast with poached eggs, she told me it was very delicious.

    My friend ordered egg benedicts with smoked salmon and it was standard. I think the eggs were a bit overcooked, the egg yolk was barely runny at all. The distribution of salmon was awkward because one egg benedict had a thin string of smoked salmon but there was a thick patch of salmon in another egg benedict. It made food sharing a bit embarrassing because we ended up disfiguring the nicely stacked egg benedicts for even distribution of smoked salmon and also because we were a bit drunk already.

    I ordered burger and fries and it was a taste bomb. The patty was very juicy and the cheese was melting. I like how there was a slice of bacon for the extra saltiness and some peppery rockets to add another layer of spiciness to the burger. The fries were fresh and scotching hot. It wasn’t oily at all and it made me wonder if the restaurant used an air fryer or did they just make their fries in really small batches to make sure the oil temperature is high enough and the fries are always fresh.

    If not for the vegetarian options and the free flow drinks, it is just another standard and safe brunch place. In general, it is a nice place to get drunk with your friends in the afternoon.

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