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  • A Jiu is an all-you-can eat Japanese hot pot and sukiyaki restaurant, nestled in an alley just off of Wuyi Lu. For RMB 159 per person, you get a pot of one of eight or so flavors of hotpot OR either sweet or salty sukiyaki, a Japanese broth that arrives with a select few vegetables already stewing within. With that comes a full menu of meat, vegetables and appetizers that you can take your pick from. Drinks on top of that are cheap too, with Asahi going for RMB 19 and highballs for RMB 29. Would be good for a group dinner that you didn’t turning a little boozy.

    For that price, what you get is a pretty great deal. The meats are good quality – the fatty beef in particular, which we ordered a second plate of – and the broths are just right. The traditional sweet sukiyaki in particular is rich and soothing, the mild flavors of the broth coming through just the right amount. Feels authentic. Cook a slice of meat, dredge it through a bowl of raw egg, and sigh.

    The crowd is mostly local young couples and groups having an informal dinner and taking advantage of the deal. The friendly owner and staff, who you’re pretty likely to end up chatting to, says that the place has been open for 12 years and was the first of its kind of in Shanghai. Business has apparently gone a bit downhill since then, but it was still half full at dinner time on a recent Sunday. For a warming winter dinner when you’re trying to stuff yourself to satisfaction, it’s a pretty great spot.


    Price: RMB 159 per person, plus drinks

    Summary: All-you-can-eat Japanese hot pot and sukiyaki in Changning with a warm, welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and good quality food for the price. RMB 159 gets you a pot and all the meat and veggies you can cook on it. Good for groups.

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