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  • All Day Brunch Bistro is a nice addition to the corner of Zhenning Rd and Dongzhuanbang Rd. The name of the restaurant is pretty self-explanatory of the concept. I get that Shanghai has a thing for brunching, but personally, I think there’s a limit to brunches at about once a week, and definitely not more than once a day, so we’ll see how this goes.

    The two benedicts we got were both well made and tasty. However they didn’t come with any sides so we were still hungry and ordered the roasted spring chicken. This was less good. While the mushroom gravy was tasty, the chicken itself was a bit too chewy.

    They have a cool record player and a cassette tape player with a large selection of music, but they didn’t let us play around with it, probably because the place was packed with people or more likely because they could tell I was looking for a Sir Mix-a-lot cassette.

    This is a trendy place for trendy looking people. By my estimate, maybe half the people, both customers and staff, were sporting some sort of arm tattoos.

    So don’t come here if you are super hungry, but come here if you have an old mix tape you want to play or if you want to show off your ink.

    280 RMB for two people

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