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  • After living among the hustle and bustle in Jingan for 2 years, this was the first time ever that I saw this restaurant. Phipps Steakhouse was located on the second floor of a bakery and the sign for the restaurant was usually covered by streams of pedestrians. There was a bigger sign on the window visible only to pedestrians across the street. Just follow the map or call the restaurant for directions because it was really worth the hunt.

    Thanks to the chandeliers, dark brown leather seats and the full bar, this restaurant reminded me of a restaurant in the Grand Central Terminal in New York City. This restaurant is a classic New York Style steakhouse serving prime cuts dry-aged in their own aging box and a wide variety of side dishes and wine selection.

    We ordered a Caesar salad and a pumpkin soup to start. I had never had anchovies in a Caesar salad and it surprisingly worked out perfectly with the crispy fresh iceberg lettuce. The saltiness of the anchovies actually supplemented the crispiness of the bacon as it added tastes of the ocean to the salad. The pumpkin soup was so creamy and hearty for the sweater weather and the little pine nuts and creamy hearts garnishing the soup was just too cute.

    For the main dish, we ordered porterhouse steak for two. It was served on a sizzling hot plate with bubbling oil (I suspect that’s actually melted boiling cow fat). The waitress carefully tilted the hot plate so the steak was not soaked and cooked in the oil for too long. We had our steak medium and it was thick, juicy and superb. Watch out if you are a slow eater because the hot plate was secretly cooking the steak when I took my time to enjoy the steak. By the time I had my last piece of steak, it was almost well-done.

    We also had some fries on the side and it was freshly fried just for us. I liked dipping my fries in the bubbling oil on the hot plate for some extra flavor. The fries soaked up the oil while retaining the crispiness. It was definitely worth the extra calories. We also ordered two glasses of house wine on the recommendation of the waitress. She knew the wine menu inside out and it worked out very well.

    When I went on dianping, I realized they raised the price of the porterhouse steak by 27% in just two years’ time. It was $629 in 2017 but it was $799 in 2019. Given the prime location, quiet ambience, classic decoration and quality food and service, I still think this restaurant is worth the price tag. In conclusion, everything was exceptional and I totally see myself coming back here from time to time. Too bad I didn’t see this restaurant sooner. Better support the business before they raise the price again!


    Pumpkin Soup: 39

    Caesar Salad: 65

    Porterhouse Steak for Two (40oz): 799

    French Fries: 49

    House Wine: 68

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