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  • Atmosphere: There was a brunch hot spot on WuKang Road called Stack, which was famous for its photo-worthy breakfast board and fluffy pancakes. It closed a few months ago and it was rumored that this restaurant hidden in the underground floor of BFC was a spin-off of Stack. I came here to see if this new branch could pass my taste test.

    This restaurant was much harder to find without the former glory of the old shop. There was definitely no finely dressed up girls posing in front of the store but there was a new sense of tranquility. Stack was the kind of place I always felt bad staying just a bit longer to enjoy my coffee and have a good chat with my friends because there were so many people queuing up all the time, it was such a hectic restaurant. However, Apetite quietly sat in the corner of the underground floor of BFC. Aside from lunch time rush hour, almost all the sofas in the entire restaurant were mine to lounge on!

    Food: I ordered the signature tiramisu pancakes, a creamy mushroom soup and fish and chips to share with my friend. The pancakes were even better than before! I remembered the pancakes were not as fluffy and jiggly. The wait time was significantly shorter as well, probably because I was the only customer there in the late afternoon. The cream was so dense but airy that the pancakes did not absorb it and become saggy. The waitress was kind enough to remind us that the coffee syrup might be a little bitter if we pour too much of that over the pancakes. It was the perfect afternoon snack to share with your lady friend in the afternoon. Share the pancakes and the calories!

    The mushroom soup was complimentary with the fish and chips set and it warmed me up from within. It looked absolutely adorable and colorful with a dash of cream, a few drizzle of oil, a sprinkle of herbs and tiny pieces of croutons. It was really thick and creamy with super soft and half molten granular mushroom. The only thing was that it was such a small serving, but it was complimentary so I could not complain too much.

    The fish and chips were massive, I was so glad I was sharing it with my friend or I would be greased up for the entire afternoon. The waitress said the fish was beer battered but the texture of the fry dough was more like a Japanese cutlet. I liked it just as much. It was all juicy and steaming hot inside that I burned my tongue. I felt like the tartar sauce was not tangy enough, it would be nice if there were more pickles but my friend said she liked it that way.

    In the end we ordered two cups of coffee and spent the entire afternoon chatting, lounging and taking photos. Everything is better in this new shop, but without the crowd. I can totally see myself coming back here in a lazy afternoon.

    Service: Sometimes girls have difficulty choosing what to eat but thankfully the waitor was very patient in giving recommendations and taking orders. They were also highly attentive because I felt like they were always refilling my water.

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