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  • Atmosphere: Popot is a newly opened café on Jian Guo Lu close to Yue Yang Lu. This space has changed a couple of times over the last year or so, but this is probably the most unique concept and hopefully the one that lasts. 

    It is pretty much standard cafe decoration in a small space. There is very limited seating to just a large communal table and some bar seats by the window or outside, but this is a great takeaway place if you live or work in the area. I think it would also be an excellent choice if you are planning on a picnic somewhere.

    They also have some limited outdoor seating which is great for nice days. 

    Food: Basically, the concept is that all the food comes in little glass jars. They have coffee and a selection of drinks in the fridge, but all the food comes in jars. I had passed by a few times after it opened but was skeptical because it feels like you are buying leftovers or just shopping at a grocery store.
    But after going, I regret not going earlier. The hot food is actually cooked fresh and just served in the jar. Only the desserts and salads are premade and in the self-serve fridge.

    The food was actually really good and one of my new favorites in the neighborhood. The Beef “Bourguignon” was super tender and flavorful and the whole things its on a layer of mashed potatoes. There are little touches like the little decorative flowers sprinkled on top to make the whole thing feel more sophisticated. 

    Service: All of the hot food and drinks you order at the counter and the cold food and drinks are self serve. The service is really good. As it's new there wasn't anyone else in there when I went so the staff spent a lot of time with me explaining the concept and the food choices. 

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