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  • Atmosphere: According to Dianping, there are 44 "Baldhead's Lamb Soup" (光头羊肉汤店) Restaurants in Shanghai. The one on Ninghai Lu, a lamb-heavy street just north of Dashijie, is open 24/7 and you can order any part of a lamb you want, including the head or testicles a la carte. But you're probably coming here for the hearty, slow-cooked lamb soup, some bai qie yang rou, and the noodles. The shop proudly displays a sign that basically says, "We don't add anything to our soup. It's just lamb. That's why it's good." The soup is almost white and the rich taste hits you like the morning sun after clubbing all night.

    Food: If you enjoy raw dining experiences this is probably your kind of place. When I rolled up at 6am, two young guys were chain-smoking Zhonghuas and on their third bottle of baijiu, having deep conversations about life. The lamb was so good I ordered another plate of bai qie yang rou (they only sell it by the 20rmb plate) to add to my ban mian, which has a taste I've been chasing for years, ever since a certain noodle shop on Changning Lu closed. Next time the weather is cold or you're just trying to eat after the club, try this spot.

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