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An Australian in Shanghai, always looking for a meal adventure.

  • Atmosphere: Having worked in the same Old Shanghai neighbourhood on Huangpi nan Lu for over 10 years, our local lunch choices have have gone from dining wasteland to options overload as shopping centres and development has sprung up around us.  Within the shiny new LuOne Mall, Fuk Luk House is our new favourite local.

    On first impressions I was fooled that a longstanding Hong Kong name had opened its door in Shanghai, but alas Fuk Luk is a brand new restaurant with local owners.  Named after the feng shui gods of wealth, prosperity and longevity, Fuk Luk Sau are three wise men whose miniature statuettes greet you on entry.

    Food: The lunch menu is a mix of dim sum standards as well as some quite refined and contemporary variations.  All are fresh and flavourful.  Our benchmark of any dim sum meal are the steamed Shrimp dumplings (Har Gau). Four decent plumplings crunch with a sweet and light bounce.  Similarly, the bbq pork rice noodle roll was fragrant with hints of coriander and vegetable.

    Roast duck is about the only roast I’ve seen in a Chinese restaurant, but at Fuk Luk, we had to try the Roasted Vegetables with Black Truffle. The duck was excellent - crispy, golden, and served with sweet and sour plum sauce which tempers the gamey-ness of the bird. The roasted vegetable was a healthy dose of caramelised wilted zhi mao cai with a subtle truffle undercurrent.

    My highlight of the meal was the largest jiaozi I’ve ever eaten.  Expecting a regular Xiao Long Bao soup dumpling, the Fish Soup Dumpling is actually an individual bowl of seafood consommé containing a giant jiaozi filled with shrimp, clam and pork. 

    Service: I’ve eaten at Fuk Luk several times now, so i assume the three Wise Men are doing their jobs well.  And the food has always been a consistently high standard  The restaurant is stylish, spacious and airy flooded with daylight from giant windows, making this a great lunch venue.  Mall dining can be hit and miss - Fuk Luk House manages to deliver a relaxed meal with high quality service and food.

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