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Artist Luckya

Artist Luckya

Designed By: The Shanghairen

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Rongzhai now stands as one of the most refined garden houses in Shanghai, a masterpiece of restoration that consumed six years, longer than its original construction. Stepping into Rongzhai, you will be greeted by a plethora of exquisite features, from intricate wooden reliefs and stained glass to enamel bricks, all amid a backdrop of captivating scenery.

Rongzhai's true mistress, Rong Hailan, reigns as a prominent figure in the third generation of the Rong family. Despite her status as a socialite, Rong Hailan never succumbed to the allure of the mansion. Instead, she imparts the valuable lesson that true socialite status comes from inner spiritual freedom. What was once the abode of the wealthy has now donned a fashionable crown, becoming a sought-after destination for both internet celebrities and renowned figures. If you find it intriguing, do pay a visit.

About the Author

Meet Luckya, a young illustrator and graphic designer living in Shanghai. She loves photography, writing, painting, and calligraphy. Her journey into the world of calligraphy began at the tender age of three, under the tutelage of her grandfather, who instilled in her a deep appreciation for Chinese artistic elements. Whenever she encounters something beautiful, she captures it through art.


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