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Artist Xin Yin

Artist Xin Yin

Designed By: The Shanghairen

Product Description

About the Artwork

In my perception, Shanghai embodies both traditional and modern Chinese elements. I've employed the attire of a Chinese woman and diverse background settings to portray the dual nature of old and new Shanghai. The woman on the left is dressed in the fashion of a typical Shanghai woman during the Republic of China era (1912-1949). The magnolia flower in the backdrop holds a special place in Chinese culture. On the right, a woman dons a white suit, exuding simplicity and competence, representing the modern urban woman. The three prominent buildings in the background are iconic nighttime architectural marvels of Shanghai, including the Shanghai Tower, Oriental Pearl Tower, and Shanghai World Financial Center.

About the Author

Xin Yin, a product designer from Hangzhou, pursued animation during both his undergraduate and graduate studies. He owns his brand studio, Cozy Nut Studio, and occasionally indulges in part-time illustration work.


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