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Luyuan Fishing Leisure Center 绿苑垂钓休闲中心

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Luyuan Fishing Leisure Center 绿苑垂钓休闲中心

8 Beixin Lu (same as 518 Beizhong Lu),
near Lianan Dong Lu


5891 3197
40 mins walk from  Fanghua Rd
Web: -
Daily (when not raining), 5am-6pm

Editor’s Description

Last updated: Jun 10, 2019
The Luyuan Fishing Leisure Center Shanghai is three man-made ponds that stock various types of fish. It's mostly carp though. For 50rmb, anglers of any skill level can stay for the entire day. Traditional bamboo poles are for rent and bait is sold. Any fish you catch, it's an extra fee. As soon as you reel one up the ayi trots over to inspect your catch. They are open 5am to 6pm on any day that it's not raining. More info here.

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