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This venue has closed

It liiiiiiiives again on Yuyuan Lu.

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This venue has closed

It liiiiiiiives again on Yuyuan Lu.

1485 Beijing Xi Lu,
near Changde Lu

Jing'an District


Phone: Unknown
10 mins walk from  Jing'an Temple
Web: -
Mon-Thurs, 7pm-3am
Fri&Sat, 7pm-5am
Closed on Sundays
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Jun 12, 2019
Sometimes a man. Sometimes a man. Sometimes a red-blooded, full-grown, get-down kinda man (with some partners from Yuyintang), despite a decade of experience that suggests it's probably a bad idea, decides he wants to open a dive bar. A grotty, black and red, punk iconography laced, "dark wooden floors so you can't see the puke stains" dive bar. A "DJ regularly digresses into nostalgia and/or outright trolling" dive bar. A "leather jackets huddled menacingly over cheap beer, lurching unsteadily to their feet for whatever swing-rock or punk-march anthem seared into their forebrain from birth" dive bar. That's this place. Drinking hole for misfits and Misfits. Not that many left in Shanghai. The "bartender" is whoever's behind the counter and they'll shave their head before you catch them in a vest and bowtie. The drinks are cheap. 25rmb for a draft Tiger, 10rmb for a bottle Asahi. If you stay in Shanghai long enough, everyone gets to lose all their money either in or on a bar! Responsible Editorial Disclaimer: One of our editors is a partner in this venture. They didn't write this description.

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