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This venue has closed

Rebranded to D'lish.

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  • Gwen's Jiang
  • Gwen's Jiang
  • Gwen's Jiang
  • Gwen's Jiang
  • Gwen's Jiang
  • Gwen's Jiang
  • Gwen's Jiang
  • Gwen's Jiang

This venue has closed

Rebranded to D'lish.

25 Yanqing Lu,
near Donghu Lu

Xuhui District


139 1824 5404
10 mins walk from  Changshu Rd
Web: -
Daily, 10.30am-9pm
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Jun 3, 2020
What used to be D'Lish, this is the same people and broadly the same idea; still wholesome, lunchable vegetarian food, with more emphasis on delivery and take-out. The café itself remains either cramped/dingy or cozy depending on your taste, and the door is oddly hard to haul open. Sometimes they play older HK and Taiwanese pop music. The Taiwanese owner Gwen and the rest of the staff are super friendly too.

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  • Vegetables done right! Daily Fiber Intake Healthy hearty happy food
    • A cute little restaurant at a highly restaurant-centered area. I fell in love with it every time I visit.  The place is super tiny with around 10 seats. The restaurant has an intimate feel with the pink and purple theme going on.

      The menu is really clear and its in both English and Chinese,which can be very helpful. Honestly very hard to choose as everything looks interesting and intriguing. I tend to go with the avocado power bowl as I love the eggplants sauce on top. The kimchi bowl is one of my favorites too. It does a good job on making the flavors pop on food thats normally blend,such as tofu and quinoa. The tofu steak is so delicious with flavors you wont believe it! They also have sauces provided on the table,so you can always add on some more flavor if you wish to.

      Its always a pleasure to dine here and staff are always friendly with fast service. Only thing is that you will probably have to wait since the seats are very limited. Highly recommended if you need a light and healthy meal to go.

      Gwens Jiang is a tiny vegetarian restaurant filled with delicious bowls. Bowls are around 50 RMB

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    • Hidden away near the Donghu strip, I’ve passed by this restaurant a number of times while it was still D’lish. Vegan and vegetarian food isn’t always my calling, but it was pretty crowded around noon for lunch, and the crowd were a mix of people who probably work in the area. There weren’t any available chairs in the small restaurant, but it wasn’t overcrowded. Gwen’s Jiang is a solid addition to the workplace lunch rotation if you live in the area, but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to go there.

      I tried a vegetable chili, a vegetable soup, and a BiangBiang Bowl, which had tofu and tempeh in it. It was all warming and filling and as fiberous as you’d expect. Three giant dishes for under RMB100 isn’t too bad, and I could definitely see that vegetarian chili being something I’d actually order again. Just about everything on the menu was under RMB 50, and I appreciate that in a lunch spot. I hadn’t enjoyed tempeh since living in Indonesia, so that was a nice surprise as well!

      It’s definitely a healthier option in the area and good for leaving the meatier choices open for dinner. Overall, I think the little vegetarian spot was better than I expected, and I left feeling pretty full.

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    • It’s not hard to find healthy vegetarian and vegan food in Shanghai. It’s just that there aren’t many restaurants which include options as a matter of course. After a few months of minor frustrations at entirely carnivorous group brunches and dinners, and far too many bowls of Jen Dow's signature veggie noodles (good but salty), a meal at Gwen’s was a happy soul food antidote.

      The little cafe on Yanqing is stylish but small. There’s only really one proper table (a big one, but still) plus some stools at the bar. I liked the bar seats – they provided a great view of our food being microwaved, scooped and biodegradably-packaged.

      I also liked the menu. Everything looks good: fresh and colourful cooking. I went for the biang biang tempeh rice (38rmb), which carried a satisfying garlic hit. Would recommend. Annoyingly, a few of the options were unavailable when we visited, but we also tried the New Orleans spicy tomato sauce with avocado and egg (48rmb, hearty) and the steamed bun special, which was well-packed and filling.

      Service is quick and efficient, and the food was exactly the healthy hit I was looking for. I was surprised at how much microwaving was happening, although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – the flavour and texture of everything we ate was still good. I’ll be returning to try the drinks and the other food options, especially after a heavy food weekend.

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